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Welcome to The Cuni Project![edit]


This Wiki is a part of the Cuni Project, a collaborative conlanging effort started by /u/Themasteroflol in the late summer of 2017, concerning the Proto-Cunic language, its descendants, and the world they inhabit.

To keep track of time of each era and language, a date system for Cuni is used relative to when the ancient Proto-Cuni people split from the Center of the continent. This would be marked as either 0 BG or 0 AG. BG stands for 'before Gowe', and AG stands for 'after Gowe'. 'Gowe' refers to the drying of the river. Time is measured in years.

For a start to where to look for the languages, look at Cuni (language)

There is also a family of substrates, look at(insert).

Help and Resources[edit]

If you don't know how to use Miraheze, then don't worry! These links down below come free of charge, and they're full of helpful explenations!